I am a second year Computer Science PhD student at Boston Univeristy advised by Prof. Sofya Raskhodnikova. I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. Previously I worked as a Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs, Hyderabad.

During my undergraduate, I was fortunate to work with the Prof. Anirban Dasgupta, Prof. Neeldhara Misra and Prof. Manoj Gupta from IIT Gandhinagar. I also spent a summer at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research working with Prof. Rahul Vaze.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in a mix of Computer Science Theory wihich has a flavor of algorithms, probability and statistics. Specific areas I want to explore are
  • Differential Privacy
  • Learning Theory
  • Robust Algorithmic Statistics in High dimensions
  • Randomized Linear Algebra
  • Sketching/ Streaming algorithms
  • Theory of Deep learning